(1) Gallon, Zycosil Penetrating Sealer, Concentrate

(1) Gallon, Zycosil Penetrating Sealer, Concentrate
  • Item #: MRC-ZPS-1gal

Zycosil Penetrating Sealer, Concentrate(1) Gallon

Zycosil 1 Gallon Dilutes to 20 gallons to cover 6,000 Sqare Feet.

Zycosil Multi Surface Sealer is a clear, water soluble, concentrated, penetrating sealer based on organosilane technology. Deep penetration and reaction with the substrate provides long term water proofing for up to 20 years. Zycosil Multi Surface Sealer protects surfaces from structural and aesthetic damage such as efflorescence, and structural freeze thaw.  It also reduces the damaging effects of water penetration to steel.

Recommended for use on: Masonry Block (CMU), Brrick, Concrete, Unsealed Stucco, Sand and dirt Plaster, Grout, Aggregates, Pavers and Cement tile.

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